Occam's Razor / Signal to Noise

Occam's Razor is a principle that basically asserts that the simplest solution is best. Pinup artists would do well to live by this motto, as it applies to everything : the message being communicated, the design itself, and how it's executed. Our aim is to send a clear signal, and, whenever possible, reduce noise.

Which pinup idea sounds most successful?
1) Janet is a fan of freshly baked pies, but she's dropped hers on the ground! Oops! (simple signal)
2) Janet is a fan of freshly baked pies, so she's filling out a job appliation to work at a bakery. She has a thought balloon above her head with an image of herself at the top of a pie-castle, brandishing a crown and scepter and backed by a waving banner declaring her Queen Of All Pies. (complicated noise)

Which visual treatment sounds most successful?
1) A economical, flowing arrangement of decisive, well placed lines and/or brush strokes. (simple signal)
2) A boorish, chaotic excess of lines and/or brush strokes. (complicated noise)