Card Trick

When drawing girls, it's all too easy to default to a "standard" (often standing) pose. The following trick is loosely based on a compositional tool Andrew Loomis wrote of : informal subdivision.

The gist of informal subdivision is that the canvas is cut up in an orderly-yet-random fashion, giving you a variety of spaces and angles to work with as you draw. You needn't adhere to the lines; they're just a guide.

Card Trick  ® © makes use of this principle, but twice, with two "cards" overlapping each other as foreground and background. Keeping roughly to the borders of your cards, draw half of the body onto one, and the other half onto the other. Which half you decide to put in front and which in back is up to you.  The results become even more drastic/dimensional the more the cards overlap. Shuffle up!

Afterthought :

In the above examples, I've actually still shown too much...could have overlapped more! The "correction drawings" below demonstrate this. Note that in example B I've experimented with pushing this pose further into perspective. Card Trick can be a starting point!

Regardless of how successful your experiments are, they should at least bring increased spatial awareness and help generate challenging poses you're not used to drawing.