Amplification Exercise

In our ongoing quest to understand the poses we're drawing (rather than simply reproduce them) we must be real with ourselves about what we're seeing.  Once aware of these realities, we're free to amplify them.

Let's identify some of the things going on in the photo below...

It's a girl sitting on a couch, fiddling with her garment.

We can see she's leaning over, and that there's a high/low shoulder and knee relationship.  Push these things further and what happens?

Front/back relationships : The thing that's furthest from us in the photo would appear to be her right elbow, and the thing closest to us would appear to be her left foot.  Therefore, we have license to push that elbow even further back and pull that foot even further forward.

In the photo, it's unclear as to whether her garment is being slid off or pulled on.  In the drawn version, we can make a decision about this.  We can also tilt her head down even more, so it looks like she's focused on the action.

Finally, we can tell the couch she's sitting on is soft.  Would sinking her into it more sell that better?

Drawings don't have the fidelity of photographs, so they must speak louder to be noticed. Amplification is communication!

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