"What Strikes You?" - Jon Troy Nickel

In this new segment, "What Strikes You?" we ask top artists to reveal their observations and thought processes.  This time we've asked 3D artist Jon Troy Nickel to list five things that come to his mind when presented with the following image.  Take it away, Jon!

1) "The hair, handlebar ribbons and lack of significant grounding shadow gives the impression she’s just come off an epic ramp and got some wicked air."

2) "The whimsical grip on the handlebars is interesting because of my number 1 observation.  It makes me think that’s all she needs to control everything that’s about to happen on the landing, and is totally confident of maintaining posture / poise / persona and carrying on her merry way after completely sticking the landing."

3) "Her left leg is obstructing view of anything resembling a seat at all, which is both curious and exciting, especially given her posture and expression."

4) "Red, white and blue color combo screams ‘USA’ to me."

5) "My eyes always fall back on the prominent silhouette of her breast on her right hand side (left side of image). The saturated red on her pale skin makes it the clearest line in the whole image for me."

Thanks, Jon!

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