The Dual Hip Plant

pose analysis

What's on display : breasts & legs (forward), buttocks & legs (reverse)

Why it works : This is a confident, powerful stance. "I am woman, hear me roar!"

What's important : Bosom heaves, butt goes up, shoulders are back and the hands are at rest on the hips, or otherwise hooked around the waist area. Weight is more evenly distributed than a contrapposto (though this can fluctuate) as the legs are further apart and pointed at opposing angles. Note that the knees are fairly locked, creating a stair-stepping effect. Since this is a fairly symmetical pose (unless you cock the hip), it will help for the head to be facing in a different direction that the torso, and/or tilted at a different angle.

Interesting note about the arms : This is an opportunity to show off your foreshortening abilities by not making perfect, repetitive clones of each arm. Since they're angled out and away from the body, but also going backward, we will see one more in profile and one more dramatically foreshortened at this 3/4 viewing angle.