The Sitter (variations)

pose analysis

What's on display : legs, breasts

Why it works : These low-to-the-ground, up-gazing, sitting poses imply patience, tranquility, obedience and/or submission.

What's important : Since both arms are supporting her upper body, both shoulders are raised and we see some hyperextension at the elbows. The waist is twisted and the hips are resting on a peculiar axis. Ribcage is low and pointed down, so breasts are likewise low and pointed down. The head can be doing whatever, but avoid cloning the hands and feet!

Touchdown : Be especially mindful of the ground plane in such poses, as extremities will appear to "clip" into it if not properly positioned.

Flexibility : Women are more flexible than men, so it's not implausible to see stretched-out sitting poses like the one above.