Hand / Face Combos

pose analysis

What's on display : face (Babe Lab also threw in other stuff for good measure. You're welcome.)

Why it works : Getting the hands into the facial area creates an expressive frame, and draws attention to yet another area where a woman is soft and smooth.

What's important : As with overlapping the face with hair, we need to come to terms with the fact that, by introducing hands, we ADD TO and SUBTRACT FROM the head. The hands and head fuse into one positive shape, and what's left of the face is a broken, negative shape. Be bold about these overlaps and let go of drawing every part of the face the way you're used to. Your audience will fill in a missing lower lip, cheek, jaw etc.    

Get physical :
This is a splendid opportunity to showcase physics/tactility. In an aghast expression, you may have the hands physically lowering the jaw, whereas a pooped expression may show the hands smushing the face up. If you've ever seen a model tug at her lower lip, it's hot. Use it. Also, depending on the position of the arms, there are all sorts of ways the bust will contort, which you may find infinitely more interesting than the standard droop. The more fun you have with physics in the softer areas, the more fun your pinup will be to look at.

What exciting hand/face combos can you think of?