Face Filtration - A Study Companion

The following method of photo study comes from fast-tracked concept artist Anthony Jones, who once said something along the lines of...

"Humans, by default, can only see a certain way. But what if we were like The Predator, and our eyes took in information differently? That's what Photoshop gives you : a second sight."

Here we've run a variety of filters on some faces.

CUTOUT : reduces to simple pattern with minimal color (useful for simplifying values)
PHOTOCOPY : gives "coloring book" edges, eliminates interior noise
THRESHOLD : reduces to on/off pattern, loses edges, consolidates darks (useful in figuring out graphic stamp)
HIGH PASS : shows where the brightest parts of the image are (useful in figuring out highlight options)
MEDIAN : eliminates noise, brings down detail, simplifies colors
MAXIMUM : generates high-key palette
MINIMUM : generates low-key palette
MOSAIC : generates simple palette
POSTERIZE : reduces to simple pattern with minimal color (useful for simplifying values)
CONTOUR : shows edges (useful for seeing shadows)

The next time you do a study from a photo, see if one or several of these filters helps you in your analysis...and try out a few others while you're at it!

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