"What Strikes You?" - Cézar Brandão

It's time again for"What Strikes You?" , where experts on the female form share their impressions of random cheesecake.  Digital sculptor Cézar Brandão was asked to share five things that struck him about this image.

1) "The first thing that I see here is her eyes. I mean, they're very open, so it looks like she's surprised or seeing someone, or in this case, someone took a picture of her and she's surprised about that.  Anyway, why this called my attention is because I see a lot of drawings and sculptures of girls with very big, open eyes, and they always look scared or something.  For me it looks soulless, and a lot of times that's not what the person wanted to transmit in his/her sculpture or drawing.  The eyes are so important in a character.  They transmit what they are feeling at that time."

2) "I don't know why, but I keep looking at her arm.  It reminds me of a chicken wing!  Haha ! It makes a very cool silhouette but, at same time, it's really weird if you pay attention to that."

3) "The colors are trying to indicate a grape with the purple and green, so I immediately associate this with wine. I could be wrong, but that's what pops in my mind."

4) "I see curved lines all along her body (right side of the image), and then the arm there breaking those curves, making a nice change of silhouette."

5) "When I look at her face and the leaf, it's almost like she's thinking, "Oops!  That leaf fell on me.  Can you grab it?" Haha ! That's weird.  You know that leaf is there for a reason.  Your eyes will always be there! Haha!"

Thanks Cézar!

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