Action / Repose

Think of someone driving a car with automatic transmission :  One foot works the gas/break pedal while the other stays idle. One hand grips the steering wheel while the other rests on their leg or by the window.  Many activities are like this -- with some parts of the body in action and some in repose.

We can use this knowledge when inventing poses for our pinups.  In these photos by Bunny Yeager we can see these action/repose states in evidence.

A) The model's upper body is in action while her lower body is in repose.
B) The model's left leg is in repose while her right leg is extended, tensed -- in action.
C) Here we see the model's right side in action, with a comparatively reposed left side.

When every part is active, the body will appear to be in spasm.  When every part is in repose, the body will appear limp and dead.  By balancing active parts with reposed ones, we wind up with a more natural look.

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