The Pushout (Upper Body)

pose analysis

What's on display : breasts, buttocks

Why it works : Again, it's an offering. "Look at what I have going on upstairs." As a bonus, the buttocks are pushed out. When the arms are placed together, behind the body, we are give the impression of someone bound.

What's important : The shoulders are flung back, staging the breasts, and the pelvis is now behind. We see the top and bottom of the ribcage. The bosom heaves!

Trouble spots you'll encounter : Giving the hands something to do in a pose like this will be difficult unless you give your girl a prop -- a flower, a hat, anything. The alternative is to have her grabbing her butt or twiddling her thumbs, which looks awkward in the above illustrations. A better solution would have been to have one hand grabbing firmly onto the fingers or wrist of the other. To accurately draw such a complex interplay would most certainly require the use of reference or a mirror.