The Pushout (Lower Body)

pose analysis

What's on display : hips, genitals, legs

Why it works : This is basically another version of the contrapposto above, but since contrappostos can be seen in a number of poses, it should be noted that the lower body pushout (like its counterpart, the upper body pushout) is meant as a sort of offering. "Look at what I have going on downstairs."

What's important : The shoulders are extended back to their limit, and the pelvis is thrust forward. Nude, we are afforded a gracious up-shot of the mons pubis and labia majora. Notice how all the "meat" of the pose is given to one side, literally pushed there by the arms (hands contact hips). Hair has been directed to compensate for this, compositionally.

Variations include... : (1) a lowered chin, with eyes staring down the barrel of the torso, the head angled in opposition to the drastically tilted ribcage (2) a non-contrapposto version with wider-stance legs, both feet planted firmly on the ground.