The Recliner

pose analysis

What's on display :
hips, legs, breasts...pretty much the whole package

Why it works : Recliners are luxurious and relaxing. The figure is either just settling down or in the process of getting up. The viewer is given the impression of someone sprawled out on a bed, couch, beach blanket or whatever. It's a somewhat vunerable moment you don't typically get to witness unless the subject is incredibly comfortable. It could also be interpreted as a prelude to intimacy, and the perfect opportunity to draw a coy or "come hither" expression.

What's important : Tactility! We are looking at a collection of forms (mainly) at rest, so there is resulting contact with herself and the surface she's reclining on. Parts lie on top of each other, wrap around each other, smush together (B), get hooked on each other (C), etc. Also, if one arm is bracing her up, it should show a little hyperextension at the elbow, and have a higher shoulder (A).

Watch out for... : extremely foreshortened, fully-reclined views that don't create pleasing or readable silhouettes, extreme up-angles on faces that emphasize the chin and nostrils (not flattering). Plan your pose and camera angle accordingly!